Beer & Clam Night: Balter Brewing

Beer & Clam Night: Balter Brewing
Red Lantern on Riley – Private Dining Room
60 Riley Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Share the journey as we take you on another Beer & Clam Night adventure. This month, we’ve invited Balter Brewing.

“More than just a name, Balter is the sense of enjoyment you get from doing something you love. We just so happen to love beer.

The cool thing is this enjoyment can be found anywhere. You could be winning world titles like Mick Fanning, or simply feeling triumphant because you’ve navigated the mind bend of putting an Ikea shelf together. Its purest origins can be found at the end of a good day’s work when you sit back, sip on an epic beer and go… aaaah!

At Balter, we’re all about celebrating that enjoyment with you, because beer is more than just a drink: it draws tribes together and is a companion to many great moments in life.

Our #1 philosophy is that your taste buds come first. A neat can and cool place to hang are great, but if our brews don’t tickle your tongue and put a grin on your head then we haven’t done our job.”

Since 2016, Balter has won multiple awards, including Best International Pale Ale at the AIBA Awards in 2017, Champion Medium Size Brewery and Best Newcomer.

You may even notice a few familiar faces amongst the Balter crew of founders; World Champion Pro Surfers – Joel Parkinson, Mick Fanning, Josh Kerr and Bede Durbidge.

This will be a special event not to be missed. Join Chef Mark Jensen and Tim from Balter as they take you on a delectable journey featuring a five-course shellfish menu, matched with Balter’s award winning Australian craft beers.

Five-course shared table experience with matching Balter craft beers

Wild Arctic Surf Clams with a citrus and mint salad
Pan seared scallops served in a lettuce cup with pickled vegetables and Vietnamese herbs
BALTER Pilsner
Mussels wok tossed with tomato, galangal and chilli sauce
Diamond shell clams served Pad Thai style
BALTER Alt Brown
Pippi and hake fillets served in Vietnamese caramel sauce with fried noodles and bok choy
BALTER Black Metal Disco


Limited number of tickets available. Don’t miss out.
Red Lantern on Riley – Private Dining Room
60 Riley Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010
6.30pm -Tuesday, 22 August 2017

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