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"I am DOING exactly what I should be doing."

Another SMASHING Spiritual Entrepreneur Roundtable at Red Lantern on Tuesday night! 

My oh My, the Roundtable's evolution is a thing of wonder to behold. We are having too much fun!

Sweet Diala Barsoum, thank you for your gentle presence and laser focused determination. YOU BE BADASS! Thank you for your beautiful words and we look forward to having you join us at the Awaken the Spiritual Entrepreneur Retreat!

"So much to say about the incredible Spiritual Entrepreneur Round Table I attended last night. Not sure how I can explain all the gratitude, love and peace from this super special event.

From the warm greetings at the door, the caring and compassionate Pauline, as well as the badass Pauline who can see right through you, to the 3 hours of coaching, to the 4 hours of dinner and wine conversations to leaving (and they had to make us leave at 11pm!). This was a magnificent night. 

Pauline’s powerful coaching and the special group of entrepreneurs came together to provide so many AHA moments for all of us.

For me? Through some beautiful and open conversations, I have come to the realisation I am here. This is the thing. I am DOING exactly what I should be doing and I am exactly where I need to be. I have changed my life, my career, myself, my parenting. I have achieved all the things and more. As Pauline says, I am trusting that the universe will only give me what I can handle!

If you want to attend an incredibly thought provoking afternoon, talk about big things with people on the same path, let go of your stories and eat the most delicious food, this is for you. Absolutely mind blowing!"

Diala Barsoum - Essential Courage

In Love and Wisdom


Phuong Nguyen