The Spiritual Entrepeneur Roundtable

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“I felt like I was reconnected with my long lost tribe
and soul family”

As an entrepreneur it can be a lonely road. The decisions rely on you. The vision relies on you. The inspiration relies on you. The energy relies on you. Your dream and your life is on the line, every day.

Being able to find, hang-out with, and be inspired by others who share that same journey is both comforting and powerful.

The entrepreneurial inner circles that I have found, and continue to build and create, have had a profound impact on myself and my businesses, and that is why it has become my mission to create this opportunity for others with my Spiritual Entrepreneur Roundtables.

And it is happening!

Thank you Edwin for your powerful and heart-felt words. I can't wait to spend more time with you and growing with you at the Awaken the Spiritual Entrepreneur Retreat!

“A night full of confirmation, connection and transformation. Attending the Spiritual Entrepreneur Roundtable, I felt like I was reconnected with my long lost tribe and soul family from many eons ago.

We walked different paths, but somehow there we were reunited by something bigger than ourselves.

I'm so grateful that I was able to share, learn and connect with Pauline and the amazing people there. I felt activations and upgrades just by being in Pauline’s energy.

I believe I was guided to meet her at this point in my life; and I definitely want to continue connecting and working with Pauline.

If you're an aspiring or already established entrepreneur, you will get so much wisdom and TRUTH about what it truly means to be a Spiritual Entrepreneur.”

(Edwin Brazali – Teacher and Coach)

In Love and Wisdom


Phuong Nguyen