"Can ‘IT’ be done differently?" YES! YES IT CAN!

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"Can ‘IT’ be done differently?" 


Wow, it is only a month now until the Awaken the Spiritual Entrepreneur Retreat. 

At the recent Spiritual Entrepreneur Roundtable held in the Red Lantern Private Dining Room, a common and very powerful question arose; Can ‘it’ be done differently? ‘It’ being business, entrepreneurship, life, achievement, success, happiness, fulfilment, and even government. 

This came up because ‘it’ is currently not working, and so many are being left with a feeling of....’there must be something more.’ Left with a tug and pull towards finding a different way, to finding the something more. 

Can business be done without the chaos? 

Can success be achieved without the burn out? 

Can entrepreneurship be done without the body breakdown?

Can peace be made with your past no matter how dark or light it was?

These questions are EXACTLY why I have spent the last 10 years digging into science and spirituality to find answers, implement them in my life and now am obsessed with sharing them in powerful and unique ways. 

At Roundtables we have started the journey to learning ‘The Ways’, and now at Awaken The Spiritual Entrepreneur Retreat it is set to go to a whole new level. It is set to be so, so, so powerful as we get to go deep.

So if you are wondering “what now?”, or "I can't keep going this way", or "is this all there is?", or "there must be a different way" or "my body is breaking under this pressure".......then this retreat is for you.

For your next step. 

For your level up.

For your answers and more questions.

And to find your inner circle and like minded souls to run with.

It is a small and intimate group. There are a few spots left. We will be staying in 5 star accommodation in Palm Beach and be looked after by Award Winning Red Lantern ChefMark Jensen all weekend of June 14th - 16th.

Please join me. I look forward to witnessing your next level transformation. 

Get your application in here.


* Sunrise Activation for Mitochondria Health

* Qigong and Movement for Vitality and Longevity

* The Science of Self Esteem for more Powerful Relationships

* Discovering your Stage of Spiritual Development

* BreathFit Training and Meditation for Emotional Mastery

* Heart Entrainment as a Weapon of Influence

* The Universal Laws of Manifestation

* Energy Medicine for Optimal Health and Vitality

* Eliminating Toxicity from your internal and external kingdoms

… and more!

Only a few spots left!

APPLY today to avoid missing out!

In Love and Wisdom


Phuong Nguyen