The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur

"So I launched my new book this week. The book doesn't officially hit the shelves until March 1st, but I always like to stay ahead of the game.

The super special Mr Simon Thomsen emcee'd, and my remarkable friend David Chiem flew in from Singapore to launch the book for me. I felt so blessed to have these fine gentlemen be with me to celebrate the occasion. The room was filled with some serious Badassery - 100 quality human beings sharing much love, laughter, inspiration and joy.

The tumultuous time it has taken to get the book to this point is somewhat inconsequential. The real work starts now. There is a mission to fulfill and a movement to push forward. Over the years, I have made peace with the events that have happened in my life and I have found meaning in all of my past 'suffering'. Pain is inevitable. But suffering is a choice. And also, I don't do 'victim' well.

And so, it has become my life's mission to help alleviate the suffering of others and to elevate human potential. We are more powerful than we have been made to believe.

It is my hope that The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur - The 7 Secrets to becoming Fearless, Stress Free and Unshakable in Business and in Life - can push forward humanity in a major way. We teach best what we want to learn. We are what we share.

After the speeches, a number of guests mentioned that they regretted not recording what we had to say because so much value and so many golden nuggets were shared. Lucky for us, my brother Lewis caught it all on tape. Thank you Lewis!

This clip is approx.. 30 minutes long, so grab a cuppa and a notepad and pen if you wish and enjoy.

In Love and Wisdom

P.S - You can get secret advance copies, signed and personalised by me here!

Phuong Nguyen