Red Lantern Celebrates the New Year!


While everyone else has a Christmas Party, Red Lantern prefer to have a New Year’s Party.

While Chef Mark Jensen’s word for the year is ‘Brevity’, I gave one of the longest speeches last night. So much to say in gratitude to these guys who make our lives easier and make it fun.

A special appreciation went to my Managers Lorraine and Phuong without whom I would be exposed for the management/technical/admin/production retard that I truly am. And to Dylan and Train who always step up when needed and make Red Lantern look really really really good.

Each year, we put out into the Universe a special word to make manifest for the year ahead. As we reflected on the magic happenings of the word for yesteryear, we shared with one another the intention for the new...

Park - Home
Nim - Grow
Joy - Listen
Ja - School
Sun - Travel
Mai - Money
Ked - Wisdom
Noom - Laugh
Rachel - Focus
Dylan - Open Minded
Aniko - Eliminate clutter and live with the elements (not quite one word)
Train - Jump
Mark - Brevity
Pauline - Influence
Phuong - Family
Lorraine - Manifestation

Happy New Year team. May all your dreams come true.

With Love & Gratitude,
Pauline Nguyen

Phuong Nguyen