"Sydney’s Top Sustainable Eats"


“There’s a lot to weigh up when it comes to choosing where to eat, from fancy and fine to cheerful street eats, there’s also ambience and of course, budget to contemplate. But what about how sustainable your dinner is?

A side of renewable energy with your steak might not sound so palatable, but if you’re committed to sorting your recycling, installing solar panels on your roof or carbon offsetting your next flight, is it so crazy to consider if the places you choose to spend your time do the same?

Thankfully there are many restaurateurs who think the same way, and for whom ‘going green’ doesn’t mean adding more kale to the menu.

From cafes to fine diners, here are our top four picks of Sydney eats that deliver on experience and integrate sustainability into the bargain…

Red Lantern - Family trio Luke Nguyen, his sister Pauline and her husband Mark Jensen are a formidable group when it comes to committing and following through with something.

The romantic French colonial stylings of their Darlinghurst restaurant make the perfect foil for a modern Vietnamese menu worth working all the way through.

Jensen sources organic produce from suppliers who are committed to minimising the environmental impact of their farming, while back at the restaurant, they’ve installed rain water tanks, a waterless wok station and responsibly dispose of cooking oil by working in partnership with Cookers, a company that turns cooking oil waste into bio diesel.”

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Phuong Nguyen