Help Us, Help Our Farmers.


Now, more than ever, our farmers - the heart and soul of Australia, need our help.

This September we will be dishing up our special 'Bo Tai Chanh' canapé Lemon Cured Beef with Saw Leaf Coriander, Rice Paddy Herb and Rice Powder, with all proceeds from the sale of this delectable canapé going directly to Rural Aid.

"Rural Aid whilst primarily established to support rural communities in times of natural
disaster, believes that in order to develop sustainable rural communities, a range of
initiatives and programs are needed, designed to support rural businesses, rural and remote
education, health and mental health in isolated communities, and our farmers in rural and
remote Australia
." - Rural Aid

With the ongoing drought, Rural Aid has been the leader in rendering services for those in need through successful programs such as Buy a Bale, Farm Resuce and Weekend Warriors.

Join us all through the month of September and order our special 'Bo Tai Chanh' canapéto start off your Red Lantern feast, and we will donate all the proceeds to Rural Aid.

Phuong Nguyen