SPECIAL EVENT: Wine & Dine with La Petite Mort

CONGRATULATIONS to our friends at La Petite Mort Wine for cleaning up at the 2018 Royal Agricultural Society of QLD Wine Show.

We cannot wait to showcase these award-winning wines next week alongside Chef Mark Jensen's delectable dishes.

Ever had a wine described as, "Unusual, confronting and a little left of the middle"?

The La Petite Mort label is home to the 'other' wines that come out of Bent Road Winery in Ballandean, on Queensland's Granite Belt. Rustic and characterful, La Petite Mort wines promise a unique sensory experience and a story behind every label.

Join us for an unforgettable evening highlighting the alchemy of flavours from one of Australia's most unique and exquisite wineries, La Petite Mort, and the world class cuisine of Chef Mark Jensen.

"La Petite Mort is the black sheep of the Bent Road Wine family. One of the great things about being a boutique wine producer is that you get to have full creative license in the winery which opens the way for innovation and re-invention. As part of this process, there is often a need to play with certain ideas and see how they work out. We do a lot of small scale 'bench trials' wherever possible, but sometimes you just need to jump in and make a barrel or two to really see the outcome of our meddling...

La Petite Mort is the receptacle of these experimental wines. Unfined and unfiltered, these wines are made in a deliberately candid, 'rustic' style with minimal addition and intervention so as not to muddy the results of our trial and retain the fullness of flavour that we see when we taste from the barrel before bottling.
" - La Petite Mort

Be stopped in your tracks with the experimental wines from La Petite Mort.

Join Chef Mark Jensen, Andrew from La Petite Mort, as you get up close and personal with the "rustic" La Petite Mort wines, matched perfectly with Red Lantern's delectable dishes.

This is an experience not to be missed. BOOK NOW!

Four-course shared table experience with matching La Petite Mort wines

Sesame crusted yellowfin tuna with cucumber and Sichuan chilli pickle
2017 La Petite Mort Amphor VMR
Char grilled Moreton Bay bugs, fennel, radish and roasted red pepper sauce
2017 La Petite Mort Rosé
Soy caramel pork belly with chilli, garlic and water spinach
2017 La Petite Mort Amphora Shiraz Viognier
Wagyu steak, mushrooms and 'pho' sauce
2017 La Petite Mort Amphora Saperavi


Red Lantern on Riley - Private Dining Room
6.30pm – Tuesday, 14 August 2018
Seats are extremely limited for this special event.

Phuong Nguyen