Have you been Sleepwalking? Are you ready to Wake up?

"Sleepwalking means you're going through life unconsciously. Almost like you're in zombie-mode and accept that this is how life is supposed to be."

I always enjoy a good Podcast!
This is the 1st of 3 interviews I give with Dr M on the Wellness Couch. Dr M is the Queen of her stress. She does not let stress be the Queen of her.

When the good doctor and I get together we always have inspired conversations and this podcast is no exception.

In this short episode we cover:
– How to identify if you’re Sleepwalking through life.
– ‘Waking up’ to live a life by Design & not by Default.
– Spiritual Materialism vs Compassion
– Awareness vs Consciousness
– Positive Thinking vs Optimism
… Why Positive Thinking doesn’t work.


Phuong Nguyen