Are you ready to design the next best version of yourself?

Ziva is your opportunity for growth and transformation.

In our pursuit of wholistic excellence, Dr Maria Zuschmann and I, joined forced to form the Ziva Life Collective. We both agreed that the time had come for a major paradigm shift in the way women practice self care, self expression and self sustainability.

By providing alternative techniques, tools and perspectives around mental wellbeing and spiritual health, our intent is to free women into their power by teaching them to make choices from a space of emotional management and personal responsibility, whilst showing them how to nurture and love their physical selves.

Through a powerful alchemy of neuroscience, health science, behavioural science and spirituality, we are teaching women how to have it all without sacrificing health and wellbeing in the process.

If you are ready to design the Next Best Version of yourself, join us at Ziva.

*Be nurtured by the award winning food of Red Lantern all weekend.

September 14-16

Phuong Nguyen