Sydney's Best Cultural Food Experiences

"Australia has a rich food history. From our humble beginnings through gold rushes and World Wars to intense migration from all over the world and particularly Asia, we have managed to build a rich diversity in our food. The HelloFresh food culture and history timeline outlines the rise of each cuisine with relation to time and the reason behind it. It means that walking down the street on any given evening you will see Italian, French, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese along with the standard pizza and burger restaurants providing us with a wide range of choice.

There is a noticeable abundance of Asian restaurants throughout Sydney with a particular emphasis on Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai. Whilst this may be an indication of the strong populations from these countries now living in Sydney, and on a broader scale Australia, it also highlights Australians' love for the food. Often well priced and delicious it is hard to go past an Asian meal...

Vietnamese food is one of the most delicious combinations of tender, flavoursome meats and fresh vegetables throughout the world. Sydney is home to many, high-quality Vietnamese restaurants and here are a few of the best.

1. Red Lantern

Run by the renowned Luke Nguyen, this award-winning establishment is a standout of Sydney restaurants, not just Vietnamese ones. The Darlinghurst restaurant serves traditional dishes such as Xao Voi Vit Quay (roasted duck) and Cari De (goat meat in with turmeric and coconut milk curry) as well as some more contemporary style dishes."

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Phuong Nguyen