"These cooks get it from their mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers."

"There's something so beautiful about those family recipes that have been devoured down from generation to generation. Whether they evoke a sense of confidence in the kitchen, evolve over time or simply become part of your shared dining experience, we thank the matriarchs that have passed down their prized and most delicious tools...

'My Aunty 8 makes the best canh chua, which is a very southern dish. A tamarind broth, it's sour, sweet, a little bit salty - it's one of my favourite dishes and I get so excited cooking it. My Aunty 8 and my mother cooks this recipe in their family and like any kitchen, everyone has a different palate and a slightly different recipe. Mum likes more tamarind, Aunty 8 likes it a little bit sweeter and I like it all well-balanced. Luke Nguyen"

Phuong Nguyen