Luke Nguyen's Food Trail - Episode 3

Did you catch episode three of big boss, Chef Luke Nguyen's new show - Luke Nguyen's Food Trail? Catch up now on SBS On Demand. 

In last Thursday's episode Luke caught up with an old friend from Cabramatta, Huong Nguyen, who in 2008 bought the Hydro Majestic in the Blue Mountains and revived it to it's current jaw-dropping condition.

Huong's family were Vietnamese refugees, arriving in Australia in 1975 during the first wave of "boat people" – and her early memories of life in Sydney were day trips to the Blue Mountains.

Don't miss out on this week's episode of Luke Nguyen's Food Trail as he travels up north to Queensland.

"On the sunshine coast of Australia, Luke meets with a local fisherman to learn about where his produce comes from and they go out netting for spanner crabs, which he then turns into a refreshingly light salad. In Brisbane, Luke visits his restaurant with Head Chef Sarah as she cooks her Korean chicken, before heading to meet Yoshiki Sadahisa to learn the fine art of preparing gyoza." - SBS Food

Phuong Nguyen