Lunar New Year at Red Lantern – Join Us!

"For me growing up as a kid, Lunar New Year was like Christmas. For us the main thing was food – coming together and cooking as a family and a massive feast. For us it was whole birds, whole fish and long, slow-cooked sticky rice cakes." - Chef Luke Nguyen

Many Vietnamese families prepare for Lunar New Year by cooking special holiday dishes, cleansing the house, and visiting relatives and temples. This is done to wash away the troubles of the previous year, while hoping and wishing for a more prosperous and joyous year head.

Certain dishes are eaten during the Lunar New Year because of their auspicious meaning with a special emphasis on bringing luck in the coming year.

Wholeness is an important concept. Not only does it mean a good beginning and end to the year, it signifies completion in work and life.

We are excited to serve you two of our most Special Lunar New Year dishes -

  • Whole Fish Deep Fried with Red Lantern's Signature XO Sauce

Whole fish symbolises unity - the coming together of family and friends, and it is an indispensable dish in any New Year feast. Having a whole fish with head and tail intact also symbolises having something in abundance, ensuring a great start to the prosperous year ahead.

  • Oysters with a Ginger and Shallot Dressing

Oysters are known to represent the receptivity of an abundant life and prosperity.

Join us over the Lunar New Year Weekend - Friday, 16th February to Sunday, 18th February 2018 for these very special dishes.

Plus all bookings will receive a Lucky Red Pocket as a token of our gratitude.

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Phuong Nguyen