Red Lantern – Fused with the Narrative


"Have you ever walked into a restaurant and you immediately feel like you are part of the family?

It starts with that moment, just before they greet you, where you can sense the warmth growing inside of you as they glide towards and open the door with a beaming smile, an infectious energy and an open heart, as though they have known you for years.

I have found that this is extremely rare and when it does occur the simple act of eating a meal is transformed into a beauty of art.

This exact moment occurred last night as we experienced the magic of Sydney restaurant, Red Lantern’s hospitality, award-winning food and unrivaled atmosphere..."

Thank you NRG2Perform for the uniquely wonderful review. Well done team! We love so much reading the words from guests who ‘get it.’ So Grateful. XRL

Phuong Nguyen