"12 Vietnamese dishes you’ll love as much as phở"


"Our love affair with Vietnamese food definitely begins with pho, but it doesn’t end there...

It’s fair to say that pho has few lovers. The Vietnamese noodle soup, which was traditionally served only for breakfast (though even in Hanoi it’s now served any time of day), is balanced, restorative and deeply satisfying.

Andrea Nguyen, the author of The Pho Cookbook, perfectly summed it up in an interview with Eater: 'It grounds you,' she said. 'That's what it does for me emotionally and physically. It gets me into the groove of what the country is about. It's a morning country.'

While that’s hard to top, there are actually plenty of Vietnamese dishes that will quickly find a place in your heart next to pho. Kiss one of these recipes and see if you fall in love...

Goi Cuon
Rice paper rolls with prawns and pork

Soft rice paper rolls are becoming increasingly popular in food halls across Australia. They are a delicious picnic lunch option, or perfect as a starter to the main meal. The fresh, clean flavours can be varied to suit whatever you have on hand...

Thit Kho
Caramelised pork belly

Caramelised pork belly is traditionally served during the Vietnamese lunar new year celebrations, but is now enjoyed all over the world, any time of year. The dish is the perfect balance of sweet, salty, spicy, bitter and sour that pairs so beautifully with pork. The caramelised pork is meltingly tender and sweet..." - SBS Food

Both of these delectable delights are being served up nightly at Red Lantern. So what are you waiting for? Head in and try them now.

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Phuong Nguyen