Meet Sam Jackson

Meet Sam Jackson. Sam used to be Chef Mark Jensen's apprentice almost 20 years ago! That was then. This is now.

"My mate Sam Jackson is in town from Boston Massachusetts. He visits us every time he is in town. Sam is one of the most upbeat, spirited, hard working and determined guys I know. He can also spin a damn good yarn.

The photo of the two of us looking younger is from 2012 when I visited his famous restaurant K.O - The first Australian eatery in Boston. Since opening, K.O has garnered plenty of media attention and both restaurants in South and East Boston have become institutions.

Seeing Sam inspired me to write about my own experience of coming to a new country as a refugee and sinking my teeth into my very first Aussie meat pie. The article is for SBS. I hope you enjoy the read as much as I enjoyed writing it... and be sure to visit Sam when you are in Boston." - Pauline Nguyen…/ar…/2013/03/28/essay-pauline-nguyen

Phuong Nguyen