In Pauline’s continued commitment to Uplift the Human Spirit, she has joined forces with some extraordinary women with Ziva Life Collective.
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Red Lantern Goes on Retreat with ZIVA LIFE COLLECTIVE
8-10 September 2017
Jamberoo Resort – South Coast, NSW

When the enigmatic lady boss, Pauline Nguyen, met the invigorating personal performance coach, Dr Maria Zuschmann, it didn’t take long for them to realise that they were both on the same mission. In no time, they dove deep into inspired conversations around transformation, mindset, heartset, healthset and soulset. They both agreed that the time has come for a major paradigm shift to the way us women practice Self Care, Self Expression and Self Sustainability. Moving away from the ‘frou frou’ of mainstream feminine discourse, the Ziva Life Collective retreat is the ultimate alchemy of the impassioned topics both Maria and Pauline, study, teach and share.

Ziva is not a wellness retreat. Ziva is a retreat for Transformation. At Ziva, we will explore the terrain where NeuroScience, Health Science, Behavioural Science and Spirituality meet. Ziva is not for everyone. Self Care, Self Expression and Self Sustainability also involves embracing new perspectives, facing fear, taking risks, and powering ourselves up to shine bright in our Divine Feminine Glory. Ziva is only for those who are ready to step up and ask themselves “What is the next level for me? I no longer want to live my life by default. How do I design my own destiny? What do I need to do to feel the way I want to feel? How do I sing the true song of the life my heart desires? And how can I do this with effortless flow – with dignity, grace and poise?”

Mark and Pauline will nourish you with Red Lantern’s award winning food throughout the unique weekend.

The Ziva Life Collective retreat is by application only. The weekend is strictly limited, both in numbers and in attitude. Whether you want to change yourself or change the world, we want to ensure that our retreat is filled with only change makers – those who want to Level Up to their infinite potential.

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Phuong Nguyen